Athletes and Fiber Supplements


As science and athletes have proven, the need for higher protein intake in order to recover and maintain (or gain) lean muscle mass has changed. For decades, bodybuilders and athletes have always counted their protein, carbohydrates and fats in order to sculpt their physiques. However, more and more clinical research is proving that adding a proper blend of soluble and insoluble fiber to your daily diet is not only imperative for your health and longevity, but is also critical for obtaining your best peak performance and muscular condition.


How much fiber does an athlete need?

Currently, the USDA recommends that a healthy adult consume 14 g of fiber per 1,000 calories consumed, which can mean quite a lot for an athlete! The average American typically consumes about 2,000 calories a day to maintain his or her weight and energy. However, an athlete who is training heavily (from runners to weightlifters) may need to consume anywhere from 2,500–4,500 good calories a day. In simple terms, athletes need even more fiber than the average person — up to 40–60 g per day. That’s a lot of fiber to consume without supplementing your intake. If you were eating only whole foods you would have to consume about 20 servings of fruit, vegetables and whole grains daily to achieve this amount of fiber. Imagine the amount of unwanted carbohydrates and sugar you would consume to get your daily dose.

If you’re a dedicated athlete you are likely already counting your caloric intake. The easiest way to figure out how much fiber you need in your daily diet is simple. Multiply 14 times every 1000 calories you consume daily.

Its been suggested by professional trainers that athletes and fitness individuals should consume the following amount of fiber per day based off of body weight.

Why is fiber so important for an athlete?

Science is proving the need for fiber and all its naturally inherited benefits. High-fiber supplements can slow the digestion and absorption of sugars and carbohydrates, while reducing insulin spikes and allowing glucose to be metabolized more effectively. High fiber in your diet also reduces bad cholesterol and triglycerides, as it has a positive impact on the body’s mechanisms for regulating cholesterol production. Men and women who suffer with certain digestive issues will also find using a balanced blend of soluble and insoluble fiber greatly improves digestion. For anyone — and especially athletes — digestion is vital to absorbing all of the nutrients needed to obtain your best condition.

When many people think of supplemental fiber, they think of older adults taking single source soluble fiber that simply helps digestion and can cause negative effects like bloating and gas. But using the new revolutionary blend of soluble and insoluble fiber found in BarnDad’s FiberDX can reduce negative effects while helping the digestive system function properly, so you can absorb greater micronutrients needed for lean muscle mass. It can also improve overall athletic performance and weight management.

Another reason athletes should consider fiber an incredibly important part of their diet is regularity. Most dedicated athletes keep themselves on a regimented schedule, from diet, to workout times, to the time they go to bed. Why should “the call of nature” be any different? Knowing your body can help to keep you from the potential of an awkward situation during the big race, meet or competition.

Using a high-fiber blend…
improves weight management, controls fat intake, helps reduce fat and visceral fat in the body
regulates and improves blood glucose levels
reduces cholesterol
improves digestion for overall good health and peak performance
helps to regulate you properly without any negative effects

Fiber is important for everyone. Not only does it promote general wellness and digestive health and regularity, but, according to The National Fiber Council and many clinical studies, it also lowers the risk of developing many diseases or conditions, such as heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and certain cancers.

What makes BarnDad’s FiberDX® different from other fiber supplements on the market?

What makes BarnDad’s FiberDX® unique is that it is a blend of EIGHT LAYERS of both Soluble and Insoluble Fibers. Most fiber supplements have only one type of fiber, typically a soluble fiber only. With BarnDad’s FiberDX® you will receive all the benefits of both soluble and insoluble fibers, without having to put up with any of the bloating or negative side effects typically associated with fiber.

Also, many fiber supplements on the market today will deliver between 3-5 grams of fiber. Each full serving BarnDad’s FiberDX® will deliver 11 grams of fiber AND 7 grams of protein.

Another thing that makes BarnDad’s FiberDX® unique is that unlike other fiber supplements, it can be used as a partial flour substitute in cooking and baking. Most athletes have had to eliminate a lot of the foods they love from their diet because they were too high in carbohydrates due to flour. Now you have the option to make Christmas cookies or add perfectly thickened sauce to your grilled chicken (without adding the guilt) by replacing up to 50% of the flour with BarnDad’s FiberDX®! See our RECIPES page for ideas on incorporating our fiber into your daily cooking and baking.