BarnDad Innovative Nutrition’s Recipe Book

BFDX’s Artisan Bread

Your classic table bread
just got better.


A healthy frozen treat for
when you need to cool off.

Apple Spice Muffin

A delicious muffin
you can’t get enough of.

Cinnamon Oat Muffins

A delicious treat
for all cinnamon lovers.


German Chocolate Cake

Super Easy. Super Fast.
Delicious healthy Cake.

High Fiber/Protein Pudding

Quick and easy dessert that
you or even your kids will LOVE!

Tasty Smoothie

An easy smoothie
that everyone will love.

Iced Mocha

An iced coffee drink
for great health.

protein bars
AlmondDip Chocolate Banana Clusters Barndad_Nutrition_Waffle_Recipe

Homemade Protein Bar

Quick and easy protein bar.
Healthy and delicious!

Chocolate Almond Butter

A savory treat to use as a dip or as spread.

Chocolate Banana Cluster

Easy recipe for a delightful and healthy treat kids love!


Delicious and fiber packed breakfast!