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Barn Dad Nutrition

BarnDad Innovative Nutrition has a determination and dedication to building the highest quality foods, snacks, and supplements so our customers are able to live healthier and more active lifestyles.


I am surprised at the results I have seen from a product as seemingly simple as a fiber supplement. After just a few days of use at twice a day I noticed a difference in how much less hungry I felt between meals. After a couple of weeks I actually started to see a reduction in fat around the midsection, more so than with the few stimulant fat burners I have tried over the years. Overall I am really happy I decided to try BarnDads FiberDX and will be keeping it in my daily routine.

- Eric, 33

I have struggled with yo-yo cholesterol levels for years. A recent blood test showed my numbers had climbed again. I was desperate to do anything short of medication to lower it.

After hearing about the great health benefits of BarnDad’s FiberDX, I decided to try it. I was apprehensive that a powder would have any effect, but I was willing to try.

After several months of daily use and a healthy workout program, I scheduled a second blood test. The results blew me away! Every level had improved. My cholesterol was down 44 points to 166…LDL down to 7 points…triglycerides down to 149 points!

~Amy Zappia, 42

In preparation for my first Bikini Competition as part of my nutritional regimen to get lean and lose body fat I would take a scoop of BarnDads FiberDX every morning in my protein shake. BarnDad’s FiberDX is a phenomenal product because as part of my high protein diet it not only supplied me with an adequate amount of fiber, but additional protein that was essential in my meal planning. In the past I have used fiber supplements in my meals, but BarnDad’s FiberDX kept me fuller for a longer period of time and within a couple weeks time I noticed the difference it made in helping me lose weight. In addition, while on the go I carried with me at all times Nature’s Diet Biscotti Bars. The Almond Cherry Biscotti Bars I used as a supplemental meal and they are so good I felt as though I was cheating.
The Biscotti bars are an exceptional source of nutrition and the right amount of protein and fiber that was essential in assisting in my continuing weight loss. As a fitness trainer, model, sports nutrition counselor, and yoga instructor I have recommended these products to all of my students because I know they work. Also, as a trainer I have access to a vast array of supplements, but there is nothing on the market that offers the quality and synergistic ingredients that are provided in these products. I am gearing up for my next Bikini Competition and in preparation I of course will not be without my two most important weight loss supplements BarnDad’s FiberDX and my Almond Cherry Biscotti Bars. – Brandie Luevano, 36

Do you have high cholesterol or high blood sugar or both then read this? For anyone who know me I’ve been an advocate of proper nutrition, exercise and supplementation almost me entire life. For years I’ve religiously counted my calories, protein, carbs and fats, and exercised regularly to manage and maintain a active fit lifestyle. … But as I aged and when I hit 40 my genetic time clock left me with slightly elevated blood pressure 150/90, cholesterol at 220 and blood sugar at 128. Even with regular exercise and a health diet I just could not seem to get my blood test numbers into the healthy rage I wanted. Though my numbers are not horrible I have always want the best health and if my numbers continued to climb I may become diabetic and heart disease runs in my gene pool as all my uncles, father and grandfather all died from heart attacks.
None of us can change our genetic profiles but we can manage them to the best of our health. Two years ago while traveling in Germany I came upon a natural supplement called BarnDad’s FiberDX that was used successfully in the Endocrinology field helping diabetic to manage their insulin and blood sugar levels so they could live longer healthier lives. I also learned that these patients using BarnDad’s FiberDX lower their cholesterol levels and helped them to lose weight. Now if anyone would have told me years ago that using a special matrix of eight soluble and insoluble fiber daily would reduce cholesterol, blood sugar levels and help you manage your weight I would say Yea Right Aha..What else are you taking?
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I hate to admit this but if you are not consuming at least 30 grams of fiber a day at about 60% soluble and 40 insoluble you are not managing your health properly. Just as you count calories, protein, carbs and fats you must also count your fiber intake. I learned this important lesson from following my own blood work. I’ve been using BarnDad’s FiberDX for almost the past 18 months, and within a year of charting my blood work my cholesterol dropped from 220 down to 172, my blood sugar went from 118 down to 95 and my blood pressure went down from 150/90 to 120/78. Now my results may be unique but BarnDad’s FiberDX works incredible well. If I would not have experienced this for myself I would have never believed it. My doctor is amazed by my improved blood work! This does not mean you can eat unhealthy and not exercise and just use BFDX. BarnDad’s FiberDX is an incredible daily supplement that when added to a healthy diet and exercise program can significantly improve your health, wellness and longevity. I wish I would have know about this years ago as it could have help my father!

Fitness Expert and Former Mr. World, David Hawk, 50

“I wanted to say “Thank You BarnDad” as you’ve become a real lifesaver for me with my contest preparation. Not only do your snacks and supplements all taste fantastic they are so simple and convenient. Your nutritional values are perfect for my training needs as they’ve given me the protein I need in addition to really controlling my carbs and calorie intake. Also, I never really calculated my fiber intake before but what a huge difference in your fat loss and how much better you really begin to feel when taking in the right amount of fiber per day. Thank you for finally making the perfect on the go products for active people like me.”

-Stacey Micklos, 52

Several years ago during my annual physical, my cholesterol ranged from 210 – 220 mg. I always have been physically active with regular exercise, and for the most part ate healthy. However as I approached my mid 40′s, after three consecutive blood test measuring high cholesterol, my doctor prescribed a low dose of a statin drug to lower my cholesterol with the goal of under 200, and reduce my risk for heart diseases. Shortly following these results, I was introduced to BarnDad’s FiberDX™. I decided not to take the statin drug and introduced BFDX™ as a daily regimen in my diet. I simply mixed a dose of delivering 10g fiber from BFDX™ in my morning juice with my breakfast. Occasionally I would also consumer BFDX™ in a beverage prior to an evening meal. After 4 months on BFDX™, my cholesterol result was 176 mg. In the 2 years taking BFDX™ as a daily regimen, my cholesterol ranged from 176 – 185mg in subsequent blood test. Heart disease and untimely deaths occurred in my family. My goal is to incorporate healthy eating and lifestyle in my life to lower my risk and improve the quality of my life as I age. BFDX™ is helping me reach my goals.
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In my health conscious lifestyle, I was concerned about the number of fruits vegetables and breads servings per day required to achieve the adequate amount of daily fiber. I was generally eating 5-6 servings per day. BFDX™ help me to supplement fiber in my diet to achieve the required amount without the intestinal discomfort and gas. There were 2 additional benefits for me. (1) Regularity: I like to jog as part of my exercise. Prior to BFDX™, having to stop a run and walk back because of the need to “go” happened more than I liked. While including BFDX™ in my diet, it brought regularity and timeliness to my bowel movement. Now when I run or exercise, I can complete the workout uninterrupted. (2) It also helps me feel full so I do not overeat. I now add BFDX™ to my protein shake in the morning as a meal or add it to juice before a meal. It keeps me full for hours, reduces my hunger cravings, and helps me not to over eat.

- Mike H, 48

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