Weight Management with BarnDad’s FiberDX®


For years women and men alike have painstakingly had to starve, count calories, carbs and fats in an attempt to lose and manage their weight. We read and compare nutrition panels at the grocery store, calculating what fits into the new fad diet plan we’re trying. Low carb, low calorie, low fat. However, more and more clinical research proves that adding a proper blend of soluble and insoluble fiber, like BarnDad’s FiberDX®, to your daily diet prior to meals is not only VITAL to your health and longevity but is a CRUCIAL part of obtaining and maintaining your goal weight and body.

One of the most interesting facts about fiber is that it’s actually a carbohydrate! The special thing about this type of carbohydrate is that is it non-caloric and unable to be digested by the human body, so when counting carbs these ones don’t count. If you’re eating a meal or snack (for example: Natur’s Diet Almond Biscotti) you’ll find there are 19 grams of Carbohydrates listed on the nutrition panel and 8 grams of fiber. Of that 19 grams of Carbohydrates EIGHT GRAMS are un-digestible and will not be absorbed or turned to sugar and fat by your body. The amount of digestible carbohydrates is called NET carbs. So in this example a Natur’s Diet Almond Biscotti has only 11 NET carbs! Another reason soluble fiber is so important when dieting is that because it cannot be digested it grabs onto fats, cholesterol and sugars and binds to them. As the fiber travels through your digestive system it will not only help to extract bits of the cholesterol and fats before they can be absorbed, but will also control the sugars from being absorbed too quickly, helping to prevent insulin spikes.

Adding fiber to your weight loss plan can be beneficial because it helps to keep you feeling full! Fiber, often called Bulk, takes up space and when space is taken up you feel full. Moreover, an article in Time Magazine from June 11th , 2007 gave four recommendations to curb one’s appetite before cravings start. The first? To eat high fiber foods that “stimulate appetite suppressing hormones and make you feel full.” The best application for someone serious about dieting and reducing their appetite would be to mix BarnDad’s FiberDX® into your beverage of choice 15 minutes before a meal. This will keep you feeling full and help to keep you from overeating, thus keeping you from ingesting any extra calories you don’t need!

Protein can also benefit hunger control. BarnDad’s FiberDX® contains 7 grams of fiber per serving. Studies have shown protein helps one to feel full. BarnDad’s FiberDX® gives the satiety effect of BOTH Fiber and Protein to help one feel full and help to control calorie intake.

The USDA recommends a healthy adult consume 14 grams of fiber per 1000 calories consumed. The average American typically consumes about 2000 calories a day to maintain their weight, energy and daily lifestyle. To calculate how much fiber you should have in your diet simply multiply 14 per every 1000 calories you consume.Let’s put this into perspective. If you eat 2000 calories a day the USDA is recommending that you consume at least 28 grams of fiber EVERY DAY! To achieve this recommended amount of fiber by eating high fiber foods only you’d need to consume at least 8-12 servings of fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads and legumes! Think of how many extra carbohydrates and calories you’d have to consume just to achieve your daily-recommended amount of fiber (and how much extra grocery shopping you’d have to do!)

For just ONE DOLLAR a day you can significantly lower the amount of servings of high fiber foods you’ll need to eat to reach the daily recommended amount by adding BarnDad’s FiberDX® as a supplement to your daily diet.

Many diets are very strict about how many carbohydrates you consume, and with good reason! Carbohydrates (sugars and starches) can quickly turn into fat once absorbed by the body after digestion. The problem is that many of the foods that are typically high in fiber, (fruits, veggies, whole grain breads and cereals) also tend to be high in carbohydrates so many dieters cut them out or cut them back. When you cut back these high fiber, natural foods, you lose all the essential fiber you used to get in your diet! According to the National Fiber Council and the Annals of Internal Medicine the average low carb dieter is only consuming 7-8 grams of fiber a day!!! Even if you are only consuming 1500 calories on your current diet you’d still need to consume 21 grams! Adding a fiber supplement, like BarnDad’s FiberDX® to your diet is a great way to help you get the recommended dosage of fiber without having to worry about the added calories, carbs and fats.

In a recent study done in Germany on the effects of BarnDad’s FiberDX®, it was proven that BarnDad’s FiberDX® could affect weight loss. Thirty participants were asked to use BarnDad’s FiberDX® on a daily basis without changing their normal eating patterns. In a three week period 89% of these participants had lost between 2-8lbs and most felt improved well-being.

BarnDad’s FiberDX® is different than the typical fiber supplements you grew up with, those just for your parents or grandparents, used only to help with constipation. Most other fiber supplements on the market today are intended to do just that, relieve gastrointestinal problems. These supplements generally only contain one fiber source, usually a soluble fiber. What makes BarnDad’s FiberDX® unique is that it is a blend of EIGHT LAYERS of both Soluble and Insoluble Fibers. With BarnDad’s FiberDX® you will receive all the benefits of both soluble and insoluble fibers, without having to put up with any of the bloating or negative side effects typically associated with fiber.Also, many fiber supplements on the market today will deliver between 3-5 grams of fiber. Each full serving BarnDad’s FiberDX® will deliver 11 grams of fiber AND 7 grams of protein. Because BarnDad’s FiberDX® is complex it can help users with many issues. Can BarnDad’s FiberDX® still help with gastrointestinal problems? Of course! But on top of that you’ll also potentially be helping your body to prevent disease, lower your cholesterol and reduce your appetite!

Another thing that makes BarnDad’s FiberDX® unique is that unlike other fiber supplements, it can be used as a partial flour substitute in cooking and baking. Most dieters have had to eliminate a lot of the foods they love from their diet because they were too high in carbohydrates due to the flour. Now you have the option to make Christmas cookies or add perfectly thickened sauce to your grilled chicken (without adding the guilt) by replacing 50% (or more) of the flour with BarnDad’s FiberDX®!

*BarnDad’s FiberDX® is not a substitute for foods. BFDX® is a supplement to provide a multitude of soluble and insoluble fiber commonly found in a variety of foods. It should not be used as your only source of fiber. BarnDad’s FiberDX® is not a single fiber source, but eight. It helps to add soluble and insoluble fiber to your diet to achieve your recommended amount of fiber daily in order to provide the health benefits of fiber, such as controlling weight and potentially preventing health disorders impacting longevity. It is important to consume fruits and vegetables because these foods provide other nutrients, such as antioxidants, that your body needs and have their own health benefits. It is important to eat a balanced diet by eating large amounts of different foods in moderation.