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Are Your Protein Bars Filled With Sugar?


Did you know that today’s fiber and protein bars typically have between 12 – 25g of sugar?! Today’s health conscious consumer is looking for high protein and high fiber grab and go snacks, but is often unaware that with high sugar content we are basically eliminating the health benefits!

High sugar content will cause your blood sugar to spike quickly and drop your blood sugar just as quick. When your blood sugar is high your body releases insulin, which, if done on a regular basis can lead to diabetes.

Once the body’s blood sugar drops we begin to feel hungry again… so eating a protein or fiber bar that we mistakenly thought was “good for us’ will have bad effects on the body.

Consider the amount of sugar in your protein bar the next time you go to grab a snack! There are good, healthy options out there such as Natur’s Diet Biscotti. Natur’s Diet Biscotti has 8g of fiber and 10g of protein with only 1g of sugar!

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