Barndad Nutrition Fiber DX

Got Asthma?

According to a study published online in Nature Medicine, fiber rich diets reduce the severity of allergic airway disease. These findings show how diet can influence immune cell development and disease outside the gut.

Benjamin Marsland and his colleagues report that in animal studies fed a diet low in fiber developed worse lung inflammation in response to allergens whereas animals fed a high-fiber diet had reduced allergic airway disease. These findings indicate that fiber alters the composition of bacteria in the gut. Once ingested, bacteria in the intestines process the fiber and release metabolites, called short chain fatty acids, which enter the blood stream influencing cells including those entering the lungs. This is great new science on finding ways to fight asthma. Human studies are soon to follow.

The Dietary Reference intake for fiber is at least 38 grams per day for men and at least 25 grams per day for women. An easy way to consume that amount of fiber is by adding BarnDads FiberDX or BarnDads German Chocolate FiberDX to your diet. With about 50% of your dietary fiber needs coming from one serving of either product, you can naturally reduce hunger and support healthy weight management as well as maintain lean muscle and a healthy digestive system.


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