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How to Get Your Kids to Eat More Fiber

It is important to make sure that your children are getting enough fiber in their diets. This article from gives you some helpful times on how to make it a little easier:

Of all the nutrients your kids need to be taking in, one of the biggest ones that often gets neglected is dietary fiber. In today’s world where most lunches consist of a sandwich, a pudding, some type of ‘fruit bar’ and a soda, fiber is not found.

Likewise, as soon as they get home they’re quick to go straight for the cupboard and reach for some variety of convenience snack that’s jam-packed with simple processed carbohydrates that do nothing for overall weight control.

Getting your kids to eat their fiber, is an extremely important, challenging goal. It’s going to help keep their digestive system healthy, keep them regular and also help prevent them from snacking needlessly, filling up on empty calories that contribute to a growing weight problem down the road.

The following are some quick suggestions you can use to sneak more fiber into your kid’s diet. If you look carefully at the foods they currently eat, you should be able to find some quick fixes that will get this nutrient up without any problems.

Swap Their Sandwich For A Pita:

The sandwich is a typical standby in most children’s lunches, and while it can be a very nutritious choice if whole grain bread is chosen along with lean protein sources, the problem with the typical sandwich is it isn’t all that great for vegetable-storage purposes.

By switching the bread for a whole wheat pita, you can literally pack that full of thinly chopped, high fiber vegetables such as peppers, mushrooms, chopped broccoli and slivered carrots. The pita will keep them all nicely inside the meat selection, providing an overall much healthier lunchtime meal.

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